Tuesday, January 02, 2007

We're back in the United States of America. The City of Why is between Sonoyta, Mexico (the border town) and Ajo, Arizona. We had a 1 hour 22 minute wait in the line of vehicles to get to the customs station. We were just asked the routine questions and were waved on through. We had a wonderful time, but it's always sort of good to get back to our home ground. I'd encourage any of you that possible can to plan on a VROC New Year's Eve, it's pretty special. This blog is finished now..........
Inside the Penasco Del Sol. This was our last meal in Mexico, January 2, 2007. Tom & Vickie, Pat & Sherm, Barb & Jack. We'll all be on our way soon.

Monday, January 01, 2007

The first dinner of 2007. We went to a very up-scale hotel, Tom and Vickie are staying here. We had a Mexican Buffet. The prices was unreal for what we had, but the ambiance was good and the company was perfect. We did have some musicians playing for awhile......We plan our last breakfast in Mexico here on Jan 2. they are suppose to have a good buffet. I sure hope it's better than their dinner was! But, it was fun, and we'd do it again.
Snickers and.........who IS this masked lady!!??
Barb is shopping and Jack is getting out the cash
Still more of my favorite lawn decorations. I keep hoping that I'll come home from a trip sometime, and Pat will have one in the yard..She say "It won't happen"....I think they have a lot of class!
This little shopper is happy to get a little attention of the camera.
Now this is a REAL super-sized Pink Flamingo. John is just regular size.............
Cowgirl Barbara! Cool hat!
Si, Senora. Is it time for lunch yet?
This is were we ate dinner last night. In the dark, we never noticed the roof line.
Who is this spiderman!??
A common figure in Mexico, the sun and moon. This time it's on a plate.
Teresa was giving us some belly dance demos. I was able to get some on a short movie. She's really very good!
Sea Gulls and Pelicans are checking out the seafood booths along the waterfront.
Little ladies learning the business of "sell junk to the tourists". They are pretty cute.
Street people on New Year's Day.
Our hotel is on the other side of the water. The two lower buildings directly across from the burnt orange building.
Barb,Vickie, Pat, Tom and Jack at the Casa Del Capitan. The highest place in the Puerto Penasco area!
Tom, Vickie,Pat, Barb and Sherm. Photo by Jack 4E.
The Lighthouse restaurant, next to the Casa Del Capitan, where we are.
Nice view of the Port area of Puerto Penasco.
The end of an era. 2006 was a year for a lot of us to remember, with some things we'd like to forget! This ice carving was still standing tall on the 1st of January. This picture was taken about 9:30 PM on New Year's Eve, on the way to our fire and fireworks on the beach!
Happy New Year everyone! The old year is over, and the "6" is broken to bits on the deck in front of the Playa Bonita! It's after Midnight, we're heading down the path back to the trailer.
Jack, Maggie,Snickers, Barb, Tony D.,Teresa, Tom and Vickie. Bottom row: Steve (Rogue), Wendy, and Pat.
The pictures of New Years Eve really don't tell the happy tale. Especially the fireworks, the laughter and the perfect evening on the beach. I took dozens that I won't post..All the Hotels had their own displays, and there were dozens of private ones. I think Jack and Tom were as good as any, and better than most!
This is where 12 VROC'ers had their New Year's Eve dinner. Good good, good friends, it was a fine time.
This toast was a VROC toast for Kathy (Agent 99). She's in Baghdad, Irak. No excuse for her not being here to join us.........Thanks Kathy.
Snickers got some good exercise chewing this Mexican steak.
Tom is catching a ride with Santa. This is in front of the Playa Bonita, New Year's Eve.
Most of the group had shrimp dishes. This is Maggie's shrimp stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon, and covered with sliced apples. I had a fillet of white fish, stuffed with shrimp and scallops, and poached in a light white sauce. It was excellent!
Pat found a friend! His name is Pierre Cardin, he's 9 years old and from Austrailia. They seemed to get along real well.
Tom and Jack are preparing all their fireworks. All the big Hotels had displays, as well as dozens of private parties like ours. I think Jack and Tom were the best of the private ones! It took them over 2 two hours to blast them all off!
Tom and Jack. Tom is an ex-Marine, I think he must have been in demolution, he's really getting into blowing up the beach! These guys are dangerous!
The cheering squad.
One think about not getting the fire going well is, there isn't much smoke to get in your eyes
Jack is trying to get his "lighting punk" going, it keeps going out.
Barb and Tony playing in the fire again. It took almost an hour to get it going good.
Barb and Tony playing in the fire again. It took about an hour to really get it going good.
We returned from dinner and the "Police episode" around 10 PM. It took about 2 hours and 15 minutes for the guys to blast off all the fireworks Jack and Tom bought. It was a constant laugh party!
Jack insists in holding all the fireworks in his hands to light them off. You can't believe some of the close calls we had. Tom and Jack really got into the fireworks!
It took a long time for the fire to get going well enough for some coals for Marshmellows.
The night goes on! It's getting colder, I think around 50 degrees.
Wendy became the "Smores" marshmellow cooker. Those that didn't fall into the fire were highly acclaimed!
Barb & Jack, Steve & Wendy, Julie & Pat
Tony D. is wearing some unusual head gear. He's ready with the Champagne for the strike of midnight.
Maggie is going Native!
This was right after breadfast on New Year's Eve. It was still sort of chilly, so we went for a long walk on the beach, waiting for Jack and Barb and Tom and Vickie to show up.
It was unbelievably noisy out here on the beach, but Julie held up real well.
Barb in here "School Teacher" coat. what could that spot on the front be? Surely not anything thing she was drinking!
The "girl scouts" have been keeping the fire going. Barb is the "Fire Queen", everytime she stirs it around, it goes out!