Sunday, December 31, 2006

Jack and Barb came in, and a little later Tom and Vickie got here. We're all here now, and will be going out for dinner soon!
Everything here in "Shacks 5th Avenue" is almost free!
There IS a vroc bike here~! Steve (Rogue) and his friend Wendy rode in from San Diego last night.
Vanilla anyone? These are 5 liter bottles of the pure stuff.
Some "almost free" Fireworks. There are booths all over the place.
Inside one of the curio shops in the Cholla Mall

Teresa is getting friendly with one of my favorite birds!
Tony D. gave us some insight on these little figures. They are very colorful!
What a pretty bird!
A Bakery! You could break a tooth on this pastry.
Check out the bull fighting scene in this plate! We had one similar to this in the house we rented in La Penita this last Spring.
This Pink Flamingo took a bath in some paint!
This pink Flamingo took a bath in some paint!
This little "Curio" almost looks real!
A two wheeled shell bike.
Whispering a good rumor!
Colorful Kokopelli.
Cool T-Shirt
Some skeletons for sale.
These are the cleanest boats we've seen in Mexico!
John and Wendy "bellying up to the bar"
A new house being built along Shacks 5th Avenue
The place for Gentlemen.
The Bi-Annual Reef shot.
Here we all are. Seems a little without Jack and Barb, but they are on the way!
Ladies room at the Reef.
See. Sea. Si!
Miss Hollywood! Here's Teresa in her Glitzy Shades!
This place is very involved with the younger Spring Break crowd. This whole area is no place for us "old folks" when the 18-25 year olds take over.
The Blue Room at the Reef.
Most of us have been here before, 2 years ago, but it's a good place to hang out in the sun.
Steve and Wendy.
Inside the Reef!
The famous JJ's Cantina on Cholla Bay.
Steve (Rogue) pulled into JJ's, and his clutch cable broke. He's taking it off, and we'll all do what we can to try and get it repaired. Sunday, New Year's Eve, and no shops in this area, but I'm sure we'll manage somehow.
The urnial at JJ's. Two years ago, we had a "goofy Barb" picture from in here.
This is an area of condos and fishing boats just North of Puerto Penasco, but still part of the city I think.
The ladies on the terrace at JJ's.
Pelicans waiting to see if a fisherman will share with them. This was in front of JJ's.
The crew at JJ's waiting for the guys to get back with a repaired clutch cable.
Waiting for Tony and Steve to get back after they went searching for a clutch cable for the VN2000.
Cool looking "Baja Bug", there are a lot of this kind of vehicle down here.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Tony D. and Teresa showed up at the trailer at 9 PM. We're planning out the rest of the weekend. Steven (Rogue) and his lady also pulled in on his VN200, they rode in from San Diego. It's pretty chilly out right now, 50 degrees, so they went to the Playa Bonita to warm up a little.
These guys have a little band on the waterfront. The big drum sort of over powers the other two. They didn't sound too bad though.
There nice fresh shrimp sell for between $5 and $6 a pound down here. I guess you need to be a little careful, some of the scales don't seem to work real well
There are many seafood shops along he waterfront in Puerto Penasco. These are some friendly little fish!
Another place to buy "Stuff"
Do some of you that was here 2 years ago remember this place? We stopped here for some hor d'overs before dinner on New Years Eve.
Welcome o Mexico. This statue is on the waterfront.
This is the highest point in Puerto Penasco. I had to use 12x zoom to get this shot. I tried to ride up there on the Helix, but couldn't find the road. May try again tomorrow.